About Us

We are a Peruvian Company that has been operating for 15 consecutive years, duly constituted under Port Laws, complying with the requirements demanded by the respective authorities to operate in all ports in Peru.

Our service extends to the ports of Peru, Panama and Colombia. Our main office is located in Panama City. We have a wide variety of products and we guarantee a 24-hour service, 365 days a year, with excellent quality of service and successful deliveries.

We have highly qualified personnel for all kinds of services that the Ship needs, such as, Provisioning in general, Spare Parts and Machine Parts, Nautical Charts, Cabos, Safety Equipment on board, Waste collection services (Sludge and Garbage Disposal with Certificate MARPOL)) and Transportation of Dangerous and Non-Hazardous Waste, collection of contaminated land and sludge and General Services such as Repair of Ship Equipment by qualified Refrigeration technicians, Mechanics and Electricians, as well as Flagging of Ships, Class, Protective Agents and Shipping Agency .

It should be noted that, thanks to our quality services and products, we continue to grow in our country’s maritime industry.

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Jaime Linares Castilla

General Manager