Sludge and Garbage Disposal

GREENPORT MARINE SERVICE offers collection of marine mud and oily garbage water and the collection service for all types of ships that call in Peru, Panama and Colombia. As well as assisting in the environmentally conscious disposal of fuel oil residues in accordance with the regulations of the port and the company I.M.O. We offer the best trash and oil removal services.

It is important to note that GREENPORT MARINE SERVICE is also recognized by the Ministry of the Environment for the achievement of operations against pollution at sea and in ports. This authorization empowers GREENPORT MARINE SERVICE to carry out tank cleaning and sludge removal operations at a higher level than any other company.

At the end of the marine mud removal operations, an approved official status is issued by us. “MARPOL CERTIFICATE” is issued to a ship by the local maritime safety authorities to prove that the operations have been carried out legally and successfully.

GREENPORT MARINE SERVICE Our company has successfully completed hundreds of projects with an internationally registered zero accident record on the ship and a reference list is available upon request. The company is fully guaranteed with the policies subscribed by the port authorities of the Peruvians, PANAMA and COLOMBIA. Every operation and all the work involved are fully insured.

GREENPORT MARINE SERVICE is adequately equipped to handle waste disposal of all kinds, we are able to coordinate on a case by case basis, the collection and disposal of mainly dry garbage (papers, plastics, metals, cans, etc.), either from the mooring or anchoring post.