Oil Spill Prevention & Fast Response

Greenport Marine Service is authorized by the Captaincy of Peru for the Rapid Response and Mitigation of Oil spills in maritime and / or land spaces, Through our service line, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , calls are received in the event of any spill emergency, and an action plan is immediately activated, carrying out the following points:

Mobilization of equipment, materials and personnel to the affected area.
Evaluation of the emergency and design of the action plan, which is implemented immediately, always in direct communication with the team in charge.
Deployment of floating containment and absorption barriers and subsequently the collection and decontamination process is carried out.
Survey of the emergency log, and preparation of a damage report and photographic evidence of the scene.

GreenPortPeru,  Spill Response capabilities are designed to exceed the needs of our customers’ OSRO OPA 90 requirements and to provide effective, reliable spill response for any spill scenario, large or small, across the oil and gas supply chain. Many variables impact the response equipment, strategy and tactics applied to a spill, such as location, type of oil product spilled, volume of oil product at risk, oil movement, weather and sea state, and water temperature. All of these factors impact how the spilled product collects, spreads, moves, evaporates, and ultimately whether it is recovered, dispersed or burned.

While specific marine environments require specialized tools and capabilities, there are key components that are essential for an effective and successful spill response in any environment:

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